About - Luci Westphal

My name is Luci Westphal - but online, I usually go by the name LuciWest. 

I'm a photographer, documentary filmmaker and creator of the web series Moving Postcard

My first camera, I received when I was 8 years old. I've taken pictures ever since. 

My first feature-length film, I made when I was 20. You will probably never see it.

I grew up in the Haseldorfer Marsch, outside Hamburg, Germany.

In 1996, I filmed the first installment of the documentary All's Well and Fair in Gainesville, Florida. 

Next, I attended film school at Florida State University. As soon as I graduated, I moved to Brooklyn, together with my husband Scott Solary (whom I met in the darkroom at school). Although, I don't currently live in NYC, I still feel like a New Yorker at heart... and hope to move back there one day. 

During the 14 years in Brooklyn, I mostly focused on filmmaking and screenwriting. Together with Scott, I made the documentary All God's Children. And in 2006, I filmed the second installment of All's Well and Fair.  

Starting in May 2010, we lived both in Brooklyn and Berlin. Looking for a more immediate way (than feature-length documentaries) to share what I saw and tell stories with imagery, I started the weekly 1-minute web series In A Berlin Minute. As I moved back to Brooklyn and eventually to Colorado, it morphed into In A Brooklyn Minute and In A Colorado Minute. With travel episodes called In Another Minute and portraits of other creators called In A Minute Portrait, I finally put everything under the umbrella name Moving Postcard

Along with the 1-minute videos, I began taking photographs of the same places and shared them on various social media sites together with the corresponding video. 

While the video series has had its own website for about 5 years, my photography hasn't had a dedicated online home until now right here. 

I truly hope my photography will bring you joy, make you think and inspire you to go outside and explore. 

If you'd like to purchase a print, I would very much appreciate it, of course. If you have issues with selection or pricing, let me know.

If you've seen a photo of mine that you like on social media but don't see here, please let me know, and I will upload it. There's a contact link in the menu above. 

Happy trails! 

xx Luci 

P.S.: In 2016, I filmed the third installment of All's Well and Fair. It's currently in post-production. 

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